About RK Products India : Our company is the dream of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Tandon, whose vision for our business matched our business, and he is committed to move to the altitude. All workers of our company work diligently to realize the dream of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Tandon. We are trying our best. According to the words of the founder of our company, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Tandon, clean and fair price to our customers, we are committed to providing the product.

Our company RK Products India together with our consultant Mr. Abdul Mannan handler factory Mr. Deep Chandra Shukla scored by the oil analysis are absolutely pure and high quality. Hope to provide a consistent product to your customer is a priority for our company. Our Assam unit is committed to making high quality products.

Our company RK Products India remains in the oil market with high quality and complete purity. Citronella oil, Kapoor Kachri Oil, Sugandh Mantra oil, Aroma Oil, Nut-Grass oil, Patchouli oil, Ginger oil, Turmeric oil, Coriander oil, several types of oil are produced with complete accuracy.

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