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Oud : Benefits of Oud.

Agarwood Oil

Introduction of oud
Do you know that agarwood (oud) is a wonderful herb and you can cure diseases by using agarwood? People have been using agar in India since ancient times. Agar is also called agar. Its wood produces a soft and fragrant substance like resin, which is useful for making incense sticks and rubbing it on the body like a fragrant paste. Apart from this, oud is also used for the treatment of diseases.

Oud is bitter and pungent, light and smooth to digest. It pacifies Kapha and Vata and increases Pitta. oud is fragrant, cool when applied, beneficial for the heart, increases appetite and reduces obesity. It brightens the complexion of the skin. It is used medicinally (aquilaria agallocha medicinal uses) in the treatment of eye and ear diseases, leprosy, hiccups, vomiting, shortness of breath, secret diseases, jaundice, itching, pimples and poisoning. The essential oil of oud also has similar properties and heals old wounds. Cures intestinal worms and leprosy.

Oud Benefits in Reliefs from Headache 

Grinding the wood of oud like sandalwood, mixing a little camphor in it and applying it on the brain cures headache.

Oud Cures Cough & Bronchitis

Mixing a little dry ginger in 1-3 grams powder of oud (agar wood powder) and taking it with honey cures cough caused by phlegm. Grinding oud powder (agar powder in hindi) and camphor and applying it on the chest area cures swelling of the respiratory tract (agarwood benefits).

Mixing two drops of oud (aquilaria agallocha) oil in a betel leaf and taking it provides quick relief in flatulence. It also helps in thinning the thick mucus, which helps in clearing the lungs.

Benefits of Oud in Stomach Problems

Taking powder of otter with rock salt activates the stomach and liver and increases appetite. It gives strength to the liver and increases the metabolic process. Make a decoction by taking about 10 grams of Aguru wood. Consuming it regularly in 20-40 ml quantity is beneficial in stomach cancer (aquilaria agallocha medicinal use).

Oud is Beneficial in Diabetes

Make a decoction by taking equal parts of oud wood and turmeric. Consuming 10-20 ml quantity of this decoction is beneficial in diabetes.

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