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Difference between Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils

What is a Fragrance oil?

It is found in many products, from personal care products and perfumes to fragrant candlesticks and so on, perfumes that plague daily consumers. In the list of ingredients, ‘smell’ may look like a single ingredient, but it usually shows a list of undisclosed, harmful ingredients.
Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), aromatic ingredients are not legally required to be disclosed, making it difficult for consumers to avoid ingredients that they may or may not feel.
Unfortunately, there are a variety of irritating substances that affect perfumes, other than allergens and allergies. Hormonal disturbances and reproductive toxins are just a few additional explanations of some of the chemicals found in synthetic perfumes. In a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, 17 perfumes were tested to detect non-labeling chemicals. On average, 14 undisclosed ingredients were found, including galaxolide, tonalide and diethyl phthalate.

What is an Essential oil?

Essential oils are the ‘bases’ of plants. In nature, they help protect plants from disease and pests, as well as contact with other plants. Essential oils are extracted from plants by steam distillation and cold presses and are used in aromatherapy for their beautiful aromas and medicinal benefits. The benefits of essential oils vary widely, and studies have shown that they have the potential to improve sleep, reduce pain, enhance skin care and reduce stress due to the aromatic compounds naturally found in each content.

Although many believe that all essential oils are pure and unadulterated, essential oils are commonly used in chemistry to produce an unmistakable aroma. They have also been found to contain pesticides and have low synthetic spices, which can reduce costs.

It is for these reasons that working with reputable suppliers is important, and at RK Products, we get from well-tested growers and winemakers. We also do internal and external GC / MS testing and analysis, as well as organoleptic, refractive index and specific gravity testing to ensure that our oil is 100% pure and of the highest quality available.

What is the Difference Between Aromatic Oils and Essential Oils?

There is a difference between essential oils and essential oils, but it mainly boils down to the fact that high quality essential oils are natural, pure and therapeutic, as are aromatic oils. But let us go deeper into this comparison.


Although the definition of certain cleaning companies differs, 100% pure RK Products means that the oil is not processed in any way following steam heating or cold pressing, and has no synthetics, pesticides, preservatives, additives, additives, or others. ingredients. anything else. We also spray our oil in protective glass bottles, amber to prevent light, air and heat from affecting each oil.
Because aromatic oils are a combination of natural, synthetic and natural ingredients, and because each of these ingredients can be processed and even mixed to varying degrees, aromatic oils are not considered ‘pure.’


Fragrances are usually created exclusively for scent purposes. Even if aromatic oils are made from essential oils or from natural perfumes, their therapeutic properties are likely to be reduced by any artificial ingredients. And while this may be good for some, for those who want a fragrance and the benefits of their health, essential oils are a clear choice.


One of the main problems with fragrance oils is that they may contain harmful chemicals, and often do. This problem gets worse especially when the company does not produce fragrant oil ingredients.
On the other hand, essential oils are considered safe and nontoxic when following appropriate safety precautions.


Let’s go back to our opening question about whether or not you will choose a fragrant natural or artificial scent this holiday season. You may have chosen natural, but here is the caveat – because a product is sold as ‘natural’ does not always mean that it is.
And at RK Products, we believe that when essential oils continue to be processed after steam or cold pressures, they become less natural. Isolate, for example, is commonly marketed as a natural ingredient but has been reduced to a single cell fraction by heavy processing, extracting from the complex and therapeutic properties of plants found in nature.
And although synthetic or synthetic ingredients may be more natural than synthetic ingredients, this does not mean that these ingredients are safer than synthetic ingredients or better for you.

Clearing Your Questions About Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils.

Despite what you now know about the difference between essential oils and oils, you are likely to get into companies that abuse these principles. This is because essential oils are not yet widely regulated in the US. Therefore, companies are able to identify their products as essential oils when they contain little or no substance.
It is for this reason that many experts in the aromatherapy industry have developed standards that distinguish high-quality, natural oils essential to aromatic oils so that essential oil users know what to look for when looking for real aromatherapy products. In accordance with industry standards, the following must be provided for all essential oils:

• GC / MS test reports and analysis
• Traditional region
• Shelf life

This may seem like a short list, such as these high quality oils, pure essential oils or aromatic oils?
In addition, RK Products has taken our internal standards to the next level by incorporating the following into our washing list of conditions and testing of our essential oils:

• Organoleptic testing
• Refractive index test
• Direct testing of gravity
• Getting things right
• Vegan, not cruel
• Environmentally friendly home practices

Do It Naturally

We have found that nature works better, which is why we will always choose a real agreement rather than a conflict. Because we love our fragrances that have a positive effect on the well-being and not the risk of harm to your health. And with our ever-growing line of pure, non-toxic essential oils and aromatherapy products, you will find that evolution is an easy way to create a world of change. Find out why RK Products is doing better today.

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